Brief history

Sever Pharma Solutions’s history in pharmaceutical production goes back to the 1970s. Since then, the company has undergone several acquisitions and mergers.

Today we possess all the associated procedures and supporting services needed to develop and manufacture pharmaceutical products for our customers.

A few milestones:

1975 The Swedish plant was constructed by Ferrosan

1984 Ferrosan and Leo merged

1986 Pharmacia acquired Leo Ferrosan

1995 Ferring acquired the Swedish plant from Pharmacia Upjohn

1999 QPharma was founded and acquired the Swedish plant

2000 QPharma joined Nordic Group BV

2013 QPharma constructs new building for manufacture of products with highly active substances in Malmö, Sweden

2018 QPharma expands building for several new production lines in Malmö, Sweden

2020 SEVER Life Sciences BV was founded as a new holding company

2021 Sever Pharma Solutions was created as a part of Sever Life Sciences