CEO statement

I started working at QPharma in 2009, a company that for many years have provide our customers with unique capabilities and expertise. To prepare for future growth and development of more unique capabilities we re-branded our company to Sever Pharma Solutions in 2021. There are so many opportunities to do new things, and we have excellent, professional staff sharing the same interest: to reach our company goals and have fun in the process.

I believe that people like to work at Sever Pharma Solutions because we are constantly making positive and exciting achievements, and there is an overall family feeling with an international touch.

We have been growing steadily for many years, mainly thanks to our customers, who strongly believe in us and work together with us to reach our common goals. I am convinced that Sever Pharma Solutions will continue to grow even faster in the coming years. Right now, we are expanding sales, staff, facilities, and our product portfolio. Our area of focus is high potent development and production, particularly within the area of controlled release.

Sever Pharma Solutions has invested heavily in buildings and equipment to support growth and widen our core capabilities. We built a new factory for high potent production in 2013, and in 2018, we doubled its size to accommodate new exciting products. A new full-scale extrusion line for high potent production supports the development and production of our niche products, vaginal rings and implants. We have also increased our capacity to assemble auto-injectors with a new high-speed line.

Our customers are primarily international pharma companies of all sizes as well as several non-profit organizations. I am particularly proud to know that several of our products and projects will improve women’s health worldwide.

Kenneth Stokholm
President and CEO
Sever Pharma Solutions