Whistleblowing channel

Sever Pharma Solutions delivers with sincerity, integrity, and respect for all its employees and all external parties. We have zero tolerance for corruption, discrimination, harassment, or any form of crime, including environmental violations. Each manager is responsible for ensuring that their staff are familiar with our values and ethical rules and comply with them.

Sever Pharma Solutions provides all employees (including hired labor) and external stakeholders a dedicated communication channel for reporting and bringing attention to anything that may violate laws, regulations, other requirements, or our values and ethical rules. It gives us opportunities to prevent potential misconduct or correct any misconduct that may have occurred. Employees (including hired labor) can also report directly to a manager, an employee organization, a safety representative, or through this reporting channel without any risk of reprisals.

The reporting channel is anonymous. An external party handles the service, and carefully selected persons with statutory confidentiality send and read the notifications.

The tool also has opportunities to leave your contact information and ask for feedback on what you reported.

You reach the anonymous reporting channel by clicking HERE.