Injection Molding

Let’s make your injection molding product a success.

We have experience with various injection molding processes and scales. We can inject mold various materials, including silicone and thermoplastics, with or without active ingredients. Injection molding of delivery systems, which are supposed to release one or more drugs, requires specific processes and formulation knowledge. For example, processing conditions and interactions with reactive polymers may affect product stability and performance. Based on our experience, we are confident that our scientists can contribute to the successful development of your injection molding product.

In-house expertise in mold design

We can injection mold from the first small technical trials, using manual molding techniques to save time and materials. The injection molding process has many attributes that can be kept constant following scale-up from initial small-scale technical trials, while other parameters may still require optimization before “locking the process” for commercial production at the clinical development phase.

Sometimes the challenge is to design a product that can be efficiently injection molded and, therefore, suitable for commercial production. For example:

  • The product shape should be suitable for molding,
  • It may be necessary to combine materials in co-injection molding, or
  • Surface treatment of the mold may be required.

We have in-house expertise in mold design and work together with closely situated experts in mold manufacture and surface treatment of molds.

Together we’ll find the best solution

Due to their simple design, silicone matrix rings are a popular format for vaginal rings. Even so, there are often challenges to solve due to special requirements of the API or when optimizing the process to ensure that it is both efficient and economical. The complexities of mixing the API into the silicone should also not be underestimated. This can be performed by different processes, e.g., continuous dynamic mixing or batch-wise mechanical reactor. Together we can choose the most advantageous solution for your product.