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We believe that true capabilities result from deep knowledge, experience, and the right infrastructure. The synthesis of these three components has been established within Sever Pharma Solutions. Next to having a state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, we can mobilize the best scientists.

We are experts in developing and manufacturing polymer-based drug delivery systems, and our capabilities in this area allow us to perform the development and GMP manufacturing of advanced delivery systems in the most efficient way. In addition, our capabilities cover solid oral dosage forms, and we can handle drugs in the highest occupational exposure bands (OEB 5).


Offering advanced extrusion capabilities and deep knowledge to support process and formulation development.


Injection molding

Benefit from our experience with injection molding in various materials, including silicone and thermoplastics, with or without active ingredients.


High potent dosage forms

We have the expertise and facilities required to work with your high-potent substances, including APIs ranked up to and including OEB6.


Controlled released polymer-based dosage forms

Our polymer and extrusion experts will help you develop polymer-based delivery systems that can be produced robustly against affordable costs at any scale.


Solid dosage forms

Oral dosage forms developed and manufactured using Hot Melt Extrusion tailored to meet your desired profile for drug release.


Aseptic fill and finish

We offer CMO services for aseptic filling and assembly and packaging of pre-filled syringes and auto-injectors.



We believe that as a modern global company, you can only create business success and long-term value for your clients by working systematically and strategically to monitor and improve how you impact the world differently.

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We have extensive experience developing and manufacturing high-potent pharma solutions and love sharing our knowledge. Here you can learn more about what we’re doing and read extensive articles from our areas of expertise.

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