Sustainability has been a part of our DNA since the 70s

Sustainability is front and center for a company of our kind. Subsequently, Sever Pharma Solutions is entirely focused on human health and well-being. Regarding sustainability, we aim to minimize our footprint and contribute to the world by all means. Hence, we work systematically and without hesitations to improve our performance within the environment, society, and governance.


We report according to the requirements of our environmental permits. We also perform sampling, measurements, analyses, and reporting of all vital parameters of environmental footprint, like water-, electricity- and energy consumption. We comply with all legal requirements, standards, and other essential prerequisites to sustain our business in full compliance with any external expectation or need. We are a PSCI association-certified and approved company and a future associate member. The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) is a group of leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that share a vision of better social, health, safety, and environmental outcomes in the communities where members perform their activities.

We plan to begin measuring and reporting our carbon footprint in a strategic alignment with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals. We will use Greenhouse gas Emissions (GHG), the standard companies use to quantify, understand, and manage greenhouse gas emissions. It’s measured in total amount in CO2 equivalents by tracking the actual or estimated atmospheric emissions produced as a direct (or indirect) result of Sever Pharma Solution’s energy consumption. Our goal is to be carbon neutral in 2040. Water is a limited natural resource, so minimizing its use is essential. We will report water consumed, recycled, and reclaimed annually in cubic meters (m3).


Together with several NGOs, we have allowed people in developing countries and their healthcare facilitators to receive pharmaceutical products for HIV prevention and birth control. We believe that all patient groups are crucial, but the ones in the poorest countries are the most important to us. It’s more of an ethical than economical approach, emanating from our company values to Make a difference.

One of our core values is to be the best workplace in the industry, creating a culture of continuous growth and constant development. We continuously work on increasing engagement and are running yearly engagement surveys. This year’s participation rate was 84%.

Our injury and absentee rate relative to total workforce time, measured in LTIFR form for the year 2021, is below 4, compared to the performance level of 8 for most companies of similar size to Sever Pharma Solutions and within our line of business operations.

We have a strict policy for non-discrimination, and our gender pay ratio is in balance, with a slight overweight for women. Our gender diversity is well-adjusted, with about the same number of men and women holding executive/director positions.

As a global company, we have strict policies against child and forced labor use. We follow thoroughly established human rights norms within all applicable standards of moral-based human behavior, altogether regularly protected by municipal and international laws and policies. All our suppliers must also adhere to these and similar policies.


Research indicates that an increased number of women in the management boardroom is linked to better business results, including substantial financial performance, ability to attract and retain top talents, heightened innovation, enhanced client insight, strong performance on non-financial indicators, and improved board effectiveness.

Our board diversity ratio is an area we actively work with and consider business-critical in all circumstances. Today, in Sweden, two out of five board members are women. Our US or Dutch affiliates currently do not have any women as board members. Therefore, we aim to have women board members on all our boards by 2025.

Sever Pharma Solution’s main governance aspects are based on our fundamental operating principles summarized in well-defined, well-established, and well-communicated core company values: Make a difference, Close to the customer and Best workplace.


Sustainability Report 2022: SeverPharmaSolutions