Aseptic fill and finish


Sever Pharma Solutions offers the solution for companies that need CMO capacity concerning the aseptic filling of syringes and assembly and packaging of pre-filled syringes and auto-injectors. We will enhance your product by adding value through manufacturing if you require short-term access to additional capacity or a complete technology transfer. 

Our aseptic fill and finish capabilities handling high-potent APIs include aseptic filling of syringes, made available in nests and tubs, ranging from 0,2 ml to 50 ml, testing and assembly of pre-filled syringes in auto-injectors. We handle compounding isolators, filling isolators, and solution handling from a disposable bag via single-use tubing.

Our capabilities within aseptic filling include a state-of-the-art automatic aseptic filling machine performed in an isolator of syringes, available in nests/tubs with an option of filling with nitrogen flushing during stoppering.

We also offer assembly of pre-filled syringes in auto-injectors and automated assembly into auto-injector devices.

Consult our expert on aseptic fill and finish

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