High-potent Dosage Forms

High-potent Dosage Forms

We have the experience, expertise, and facilities at Sever Pharma Solutions to safely work with your high-potent substances. This includes manufacturing pharmaceutical products containing APIs that are ranked in the highest occupational exposure bands (OEB) up to and including OEB6.

Our focus on safety starts immediately in early development, and we maintain this focus throughout the entire process. This means you can rely on Sever Pharma Solutions to develop safe and sustainable processes for manufacturing dosage forms containing highly potent APIs.

A coherent Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) strategy has been implemented at Sever Pharma Solutions to ensure that all safety and environmental aspects are met. New projects related to high-potent drugs start with initiating a SHE risk assessment, using customer and generally available data to identify the most appropriate way(s) to mitigate the risks. The activities resulting from this risk assessment become integral to the project plan, which will be generated in close collaboration with you.

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