Alain Junior Yohou

“I like that we make a difference every day through our products.”

I have been working as a machine operator for two years. My job is to ensure the machine runs as well as possible. My department is responsible for the whole process from start to finish, which means we mix the product, injection mold it, and pack it before sending it to the customer.

What I like most about working here is that we make a difference. Among many things, we work with products for women in Africa with HIV. We try to develop and improve the products daily to make a difference for these women.

Another of our values is that Sever Pharma Solutions should be the best workplace, and I think that’s right. In my department, it feels like we are family. We get along very well and are a lovely mix of different nationalities, origins, and ages. I started here at a young age and have developed and learned from older people who have been here longer. At the same time, I can contribute with my experience and my strengths. Everything is flowing. We have a lot of fun and collaborate to raise the quality even further. There is always room for improvement, and it is a constant driving force.

In addition, there are excellent development opportunities here if you want to take another step in your career. I have seen several colleagues who have gone from being machine operators to taking a step up. There is also a very open environment here. If I have a suggestion for improvement, I can talk to the manager. The door is always open. I feel that I am heard and that my opinions are important. I like that you can speak to those higher up in the hierarchy.

We strive to be close to the customer, and I feel we are. We are constantly informed about the customer’s wants and what we can improve. And if we want to say something to the customer, it will be passed on. I like that.


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