Hedvig Samuelsson

“I appreciate the opportunities to grow in my role”

I work as an analytical chemist in our quality control (QC) department, which I’ve done for five years. I analyze the final product, and my job responsibilities include being the link between the various departments that all work on the product. We have a lot of different products with a lot of different profiles, so the work is extremely varied.

In my opinion, Sever Pharma Solutions is unique because we focus heavily on women’s health, and we also produce pharmaceuticals for countries that don’t otherwise have very good access to those things. I feel good going to work, knowing that our products have a meaningful impact on a lot of people. That knowledge makes the work even more fulfilling.

I’ve held other positions in the past, but this is the first position that is relevant to my degree – I have a master’s in biomedicine. I really appreciate the opportunities to grow in my role and that everyone is encouraged to develop. It is also exciting that we are growing and establishing ourselves in more countries. A lot of people have transferred internally, be it between departments or roles, and if you do your job well, you have so many opportunities to grow.

Another thing that I really appreciate about working here is my coworkers. I can always ask someone a question, and everyone helps each other, no matter what position the person has. Our organization is very flat, so it is easy to speak to everyone. Additionally, our jobs cover the entire chain, from raw materials to the finished product, which means that I learn so much about every stage of development. My job responsibilities are a little mixed because we usually help each other regardless of our title or position. Because of that, I get to do analyses of final products, raw materials as well as in the development department.


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