Maria Kronemalm

“It’s stimulating because things are always changing”

I work as a shift manager, which means that my responsibilities include managing and allocating work. Everyone on my shift is really great, and we all work well together.

It feels really good knowing that Sever Pharma Solutions is making a difference and that we can play a part in that and help do good around the world. I joined the company when vaginal rings for HIV prevention was a project, and we were the first company to be able to help women in developing countries. On top of that, we also donate a lot of vaginal rings, which is huge and I am very proud of that.

A huge benefit of working here is that I can be a part of developing our process. We have really good collaboration with the managers and leadership team, and they always listen to us employees. I started here in 2014, and I expressed very clearly that I did not want to do the same thing every day – I always want to be growing. They have definitely respected that, and I’ve gotten to work in many different departments over the years, which has been very stimulating. I like challenges, but I also like to play an active role and say what I think. I always try to think outside the box and offer solutions.

I really enjoy working at Sever Pharma Solutions. Everyone works well together, and I get to learn new things and grow all the time. It’s stimulating because things are always changing. If you show interest and are present, you can advance within the organization. The possibilities are limitless because there are always new projects underway.


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