My Järtelius

“It really feels like a family”

I am a production engineer, which, in my case, means that my job is tablet production. I am currently in charge of the production of two different tablets, and I ensure that production runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Additionally, I work on improving and developing our processes, monitoring for potential deviations and investigating root causes of those deviations.

One thing that I really like about Sever Pharma Solutions is that we are very focused on women’s health. Most of the pharmaceuticals we manufacture are aimed at women, a group that often doesn’t get prioritized. We also try to stay on the front line when it comes to developing new pharmaceuticals, which I find inspiring.

In my opinion, what makes Sever Pharma Solutions unique is the breadth of our work. Historically, we’ve been a pretty small company, but we’ve grown really fast in recent years. Despite that, we’ve still managed to keep that sense of family. In a way, it still feels like a pretty small company, where everyone is friendly and you can talk with every department. You are always welcome – there are no closed doors. Everyone is ready to help out, no matter if you’re speaking with the CEO or an operator.

Sever Pharma Solutions is the perfect fit for me because no two days are alike and I get to work on really interesting things. Something new is always going on, whether that be new challenges or new projects. It’s also a great fit because I am given incredible opportunities to grow. If I want to take a deep dive into a subject or get better at something that has to do with my work, I have the opportunity to do that. I’m encouraged to do so because they want to invest in me as a person and help me grow. 


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