Close to the customer

We at Sever Pharma Solutions work closely with our customers all the time. We strive to understand the conditions of our customer’s business operations, adapt to their expectations, and help them achieve their goals. We want to create value for them. Therefore, we strive to build long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers. We try to get to know them through an open, responsive, and personal approach. Our practical approach to customers combines adaptability and structured working methods. We work flexibly and cost-effectively to meet their requirements.

Long-term relationships

The ability to build long-term relationships is both necessary and a success factor for Sever Pharma Solutions. Achieving this requires productivity and efficiency that results in correct deliveries at the right time and the right quality. This requires a will in all of us for cooperation, openness, personal responsibility, self-awareness, and understanding of others. Our relatively limited size allows us to be flexible, with fast decision paths.

Create value

We aim to work closely with customers and help them achieve their goals. We always work cost-effectively with high security in products and production methods. If we contribute to our customers strengthening their position in the market, we ourselves will be successful. It contributes to us achieving our goals and meeting the need for cost-effective and reliable medicines worldwide. Such an approach requires knowledge, responsiveness, and responsibility. On an individual level, great social competence and a willingness on the part of everyone to do what is required for us to succeed is also required.


Our desire to put customers at the center and contribute to their success means that we must work flexibly and efficiently to deliver results. We are meticulous with our routines and plan the business as far ahead as possible. However, our customers’ needs sometimes require that we have to change and adapt our operations. Rapid changes are a prerequisite for our business and sometimes force us to do things differently than we originally intended. Therefore, we must always be prepared to think in new ways and actively participate in the required changes.