Making a difference

Our work at Sever Pharma Solutions is about manufacturing good and cost-effective medicines and medical devices for those who need them. We especially want to make a difference in women’s health in developing countries. We work purposefully to ensure the highest quality of our products. We always start from a scientific approach and ensure that our work processes are clear. Our ambition is that all employees in our company should feel proud of working at Sever Pharma Solutions and of what we achieve.

With the world in focus

Sever Pharma Solutions is focused on developing, manufacturing, and delivering effective and affordable medicines and medical devices accessible to patients across the globe. We want to contribute to increasing women’s quality of life and choices by developing and producing contraceptives and HIV products.


A scientific approach characterizes how we develop, manufacture, and analyze medicines. We work systematically according to clear methods, flows, and routines. We achieve this through critical thinking and high competence. We work actively with new technologies and strive to be at the forefront regarding systems, equipment, knowledge, and collaboration with external partners.


Sever Pharma Solutions protects the highest quality in everything we do, from development, manufacturing, packaging, analysis, and deliveries. Our quality approach also characterizes how customers, suppliers, and partners are treated. The quality of our products is primarily ensured through our developed quality system and our committed employees. Everything we produce is available for independent review. We see inspections as an opportunity to develop and improve our quality system.