Flexible packaging solutions

Our Logistics Department ensures an efficient supply chain from the first supplier to the end customer. The forecast from our customer is the key factor for the necessary S&OP process and Material Requirements Planning (MRP), but also for efficient production planning. With high forecast accuracy from our customers, we create a competitive delivery performance and allow suppliers to deliver on time.

Our focus is not only on delivery performance and good service. We also want to be the most cost-efficient supply chain, which requires working hard with key figures such as waste, yield, savings, inventory, unit/hour, etc. Furthermore, we strive to find the best raw material prices and alternatives together with the right quality. Raw materials should meet our rigorous quality standards. The reliability and credibility of the supplier’s Quality System are important to us.

Our warehouse works according to ABC models to keep the right inventory level. Goods receiving and shipping must meet Good Delivery Practice (GDP) at the forwarder. We endeavor to deliver and receive goods in the right transport condition.