Polymer-based delivery systems


Polymer-based dosage forms continuously administer the drug to the patient for an extended period, varying from weeks to years. Various administration routes are used, including parenteral, transdermal, and intravaginal. These controlled-release products are very suitable for specific indications, patient populations, and drugs due to the long duration of action, avoidance of first-pass metabolism, and constant systemic drug concentration levels.

The primary function of the polymer in the formulation is to regulate release. However, at the same time, it should display acceptable biocompatibility and satisfy various other requirements like suitable mechanical properties, the correct processing properties, etc. 

In principle, various biocompatible polymers can be either non-degradable or biodegradable. Biodegradable polymers, or bioresorbable polymers, apply to natural and synthetic polymers that degrade in-vivo over time. A common mechanism of degradation is hydrolysis. However, enzymatic degradation may play a role as well for specific polymers. 

Several dosage forms have been developed, for example, sub-dermal implants, vaginal rings, films, and many other precise dosage forms. Next to the presentation form, controlled release products differ in how drug release is controlled. The most straightforward concept is a matrix, essentially a drug either dissolved or dispersed homogeneously through a polymer, and drug release is mainly diffusion controlled. However, other processes like swelling and erosion may play a role.

Our polymer and extrusion experts are eager to collaborate with you on developing polymer-based delivery systems, always with the end goal in mind: creating a scalable concept that can be produced robustly against affordable costs at any scale.

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